Bonjour! Thank you for purchasing our pastries. 

This is your Le Matin Patisserie box V5, Favourites, which includes 5 types of pastries handcrafted and baked fresh every morning by our pastry chefs. 

The Favourites box comprises: 


Smoked Cruffin*

Croissant dough baked in the shape of a muffin, injected with a charcoal infused custard, smoked with Applewood and topped with a charred Eucalyptus meringue.

Laminated Chocolate Brioche*

Crispy chocolate brioche filled with Dulce de Leche and stuffed lacto-fermented cherries and mulberries, then covered in a mulberry glaze and a caramelised cocoa nib crust.

Mixed Plum Galette

Tangy plum jam with hints of vanilla and licorice root, encased in a flaky shortcrust pastry and topped with lacto-fermented plums and locally sourced wood sorrel leaves.

Mushroom Foie Gras Danish*~

Savoury Danish pastry baked with mushrooms and seaweed, and glazed with mushroom kombucha. It is then layered with a seared Foie Gras custard and finished with mushroom crisps and lemon thyme leaves.

Kouign Amann

Our chef’s signature bake! Flaky pastry layered with butter and caramelised sugar, with hints of vanilla and molasses.

* contains egg

~ contains animal products

^ contains alcohol

Please note that pastries marked with an asterisk (*) contain some form of egg and must be  refrigerated if not consumed on the day of the delivery. 

We highly recommend that you finish our pastries by today, eating them as they are, or after popping  them into a 160deg oven for 4-6 minutes to warm them up. If heated, do allow some time for the  caneles to cool down before consuming them, so the shell has enough time to harden while the  interior remains gooey.  

You may also want to pair your pastries with a beverage. We’d recommend a classic cup of filter coffee or a lighter option like a Chai Latte.  

If you’re consuming our pastries after they’ve been refrigerated overnight, please reheat them in a  160deg oven for

8-10 minutes for optimal texture and tastiness. (Do let them cool slightly before  devouring them!) 

Bon appétit and merci beaucoup! 


The team at Le Matin Patisserie