Savoury Box: Assemblage 
1 each of our Savoury options pastries including:

Wagyu and Bone Marrow Sausage Roll
Wagyu Beef mince rolled up in flaky puff pastry, topped with bone marrow and glazed with black garlic and garnished with a thyme stem. 

Lamb and Red Wine Pie

Flaky puff pastry encasing a aromatic braised lamb stew cooked over 8 hours. Finished with a glazed made from lamb jus, and garnished with fresh thyme, chervil and rosemary salt.

Escargot escargot
Traditional Croissant pastry shaped like a snail and stuffed with juicy escargots from France, and a mushroom ricotta custard. It’s then coated with a garlic crumb and doused with garlic butter, then finished with a swirl of parsley chimichurri.

Beef Tongue and Cheese Croissant Panini

Our Classic croissant layered with Beef Tongue and Wagyu Bresaola, a mix of 4 different cheeses, as well as pickled rose petals, butternut and horseradish. It is then flattened in a grill like a panini sando. 


Savoury Box: Assemblage V1 | 28th November, Sunday