The first of the Travel Series, the V6 features Chef's take on the some classics coming from these countries! 

Hazelnut Tiramisu Cannoli 

Traditional Sicilian Cannoli fried and filled with a Tiramisu & Hazelnut Gianduja filling, topped with Roasted Piedmontese Hazelnuts. 

Stonefruit Lamington

Buttermilk sponge sandwiching a lacto fermented plum jam, coated in a herby lemon myrtle ganache. This is then tossed in shredded fresh coconut and topped with stonefruits from Down Under.

Cashew Tartlava

A cross between a Baklava and a Frangipane Tart. Version 2 is filled with a Cashew and Saffron Frangipane and Orange Blossom scented mulberries. It is then layered with triangles of Fillo pastry and Cashew Nougatine.

Green Gooseberry Danish

Croissant pastry filled with Green Gooseberry Jam and Wheatgrass Custard, filed with semi-dried gooseberries and finished with a glaze made from Pine and Elderflower Kombucha.

Apple Stroopwafel 

Traditional Dutch Stroopwafels filled with a tangy Apple Toffee, sandwiching a Caramelised Coffee Brûlée and Spiced Apple Compote.

You may choose to add-on our homebrewed coffee.
Black coffee is delicate & refreshing
White coffee is rich & creamy
Oat milk coffee is nutty & dairy-free

Chocolate is comforting & caffeine-free
Refrigerate and enjoy over ice within 5 days from the date of brewing (written on the bottle!)

Pastry Box V6, 2nd June, Wednesday