Bonjour! Thank you for purchasing our pastries. 

This is your Le Matin Patisserie box for Valentine’s Day, Ours, which includes 2 types of pastries handcrafted and baked fresh every morning by our pastry chefs. 

The Ours box comprises: 



Sake Lees cheesecake with a tangy Red Gooseberry and Rose petal jam encased in a strawberry tart shell, topped with strawberry chocolate, sliced strawberries glazed in their own juice and semi dried Red Gooseberries from Scandinavia. The tart is completed with a bouquet of assorted locally sourced flowers.


Charcoal Mille-Feuille sandwich filled with Malted Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Blackberries, a floral Bergamot and Marigold Jam, and creamy Chicory Custard. The Mille-Feuille is then topped with crispy Smoked Milk Skin and a Vanilla Pod Moustache.

* contains egg

~ contains animal products

^ contains alcohol

Please note that pastries marked with an asterisk (*) contain some form of egg and must be  refrigerated if not consumed on the day of the delivery. 


This Special Valentine’s Day pastry can be consumed both at room temperature or chilled, but the former is recommended. It is best consumed on the day itself and not kept more than 2 days as the texture and flavour changes. 


Also, please DO NOT reheat it by any means.

Bon appétit and merci beaucoup! 


The team at Le Matin Patisserie