Bonjour! Thank you for purchasing our pastries.

This is your Kombu Tart, baked fresh this morning by our pastry chefs.

Kombu Tart

This is a sweet but slightly savoury tart, with a tart shell made from premium Japanese kombu. Layered inside is a cardamom sticky toffee with crystallised ginger, and buttery lemongrass curd. 


The tart is topped with a spiced cardamom brûlée and a dusting of kombu powder. 


Contains egg and animal products.

Please note that the tart is best eaten cold and should be refrigerated immediately. We highly recommend that the tart be consumed within 48 hours.


The tart does not require reheating before being served, and is easier to slice when it is slightly frozen and with a sharp, warm knife.


You may also want to pair your tart with a beverage. We’d recommend a classic cup of matcha or houjicha.

Bon appétit and merci beaucoup!


The team at Le Matin Patisserie