Bonjour! Thank you for purchasing our pastries.

This is your Le Matin Patisserie box, J’adore, which includes a cake handcrafted and baked fresh every morning by our pastry chefs.

This box comprises:



Light Cherry mousse, with Sakura tea cream and Cherry jelly accompanied by Almond biscuit and a crunchy layer of Almond crumble.

The cake is finished with a shiny red glaze and decorated with a Dark chocolate Rose.


* contains egg

~ contains animal products

^ contains alcohol 

Please note that pastries marked with an asterisk (*) contain some form of egg and must be  refrigerated if not consumed on the day of the delivery. 


We highly recommend that you finish our pastries by today, eating them as they are.

You may also want to pair your pastries with a beverage. We’d recommend a classic cup of filter coffee or a lighter option like a Chai Latte. 

Bon appétit and merci beaucoup!


The team at Le Matin Patisserie